HE Programme Review Case Study

A significant number of ICIFM's projects each year are to review on-going programmes and projects, either in line with the clients' gateway processes or, as often, because senior management need to know what is going on.

ICIFM's review methodology is tried and tested, designed in two phases; the first to quickly highlight areas for further investigation, the second to dig deeper in to a set of prioritised concerns from Phase 1. The aim is to be in and out of an organisation quickly, to provide a status snapshot and an assessment of a programme's likelihood of success together with recommendations for improvement where necessary. Time is of the essence, for maximum benefit the final report needs to be with our client as quickly as possible.

During 2014 one of the reviews we undertook was of a key programme at a major centre for learning in the UK. The multi-million programme seemed to be spinning its wheels and the executive were confused by mixed messages coming from the programme's management.

Our 5-day long review produced more than 25 essential recommendations as well as a number at a lower level of importance; to be clear, a programme is at risk while even one essential recommendation remains outstanding. In other words, the review uncovered a programme in serious trouble, and while the client had suspicions, our findings were still very shocking. The client received daily 1-2-1 updates during our review which in turn helped to guide our progress. The draft report was handed across towards the end of the last day, and then finalised three days later following a number of discussions with the client.

Every recommendation of the review was accepted in full, the programme management structure was radically overhauled, and processes were put in place to provide visibility and control. The re-structured programme is now making excellent progress against milestones, with backing not just from academics, but also the heads of finance, HR, and administration.

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ICIFM - HE Programme Review Case Study