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Management Consultancy

ICIFM is the brand name for 

    International Consultant Iain Fraser Maclean.


ICIFM has been growing since 2003, the year Iain decided to put a career of lessons to better use.


Iain and his team have led, reviewed, audited, re-structured, and, when required, rescued, some of the most significant programmes and projects undertaken anywhere in the world over the last 35 years.


In addition ICIFM has become a trusted and critical friend to many private financial organisations and investors, carrying out sensitive due diligence projects, resulting in incisive and insightful reports.


Don't just take Iain's word for it, please read what some of our clients have said here.

Our Servuces

"Give Iain a complex problem and he will understand the customers needs and give you a solution - on time"

Michael Simpson

Production Control Director at Nissan Motor Manufacturing Ltd.

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