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Why Choose ICIFM?

There is one reason for engaging Iain and his team above all the others: ICIFM create value. In other words your bottom line improves by having our people on the team. But don't just take our word for it, scroll down to see what our clients say:

Lynn Robinson 
Deputy Registrar, University of Bristol, UK

"Iain undertook a review of a major change programme relating to student administration at Bristol and we subsequently asked him to take over as interim programme manager. Iain brought a thorough understanding of the successful management of change programmes that has been invaluable to us. He transformed the methodology of our programme, supporting me as Programme Sponsor and our Academic Registrar as Programme Director. He helped us clearly define our strategic aims and pulled together and managed a project to fully analyse current processes in preparation for implementation of new processes and systems. Iain's support enabled us to garner institutional financial support and gave confidence to our governing programme board. He led the programme team in a way that ensured that the programme got full value from every hour of their work and his endlessly positive approach gave us all the confidence that our programme would succeed. I would wholeheartedly recommend him!"

Michael Simpson

Vice President Nissan Europe SCM & Logistics at Nissan Motor Corporation

"Give Iain a complex problem and he will understand the customers needs and give you a solution - on time"

Sunil Joshua
Head of Commercial Training, Etihad Airways, UAE

"Iain headed what's widely acknowledged as the biggest and most difficult transformation project in the history of my organisation. I had the privilege of working on this project under Iain. His leadership brought 3 things on board that kept the team together and moved us forward: discipline, reporting and structure. I have respect for his ability to provide clear and precise direction and call the picture exactly as he see's it. Importantly, as a line manager I always appreciated the fact that he would not hesitate a moment to back his team up when needed. His penchant for analytics, his ability to see the big picture & importantly paint the story to the team and retain focus makes him a formidable ally in any role that drives teams to perform against set milestones." 

Darrin Moore
Senior Director - Global Test Engineering at Sabre Holdings, Texas


"He is a very strong leader. Iain does not just measure a person, but judges and evaluates their underlying principles and approach, and forges within the team the conviction required to follow these through. Iain is also the type of leader that will back his team."

Joe Addison
National Director, Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization, Bermuda

"I had the good fortune to work with Iain on a complex development project in Hamilton, Bermuda. Not without its challenges, Iain's attention to detail, business acumen and quick wit turned a challenging engagement into an enjoyable, successful outcome. Focused, incredibly driven and a pleasure to work with, I would strongly recommend Iain for any key oversight role."

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